A Beautiful Memory Of Light

A Memory Of Light There are books and there are Books. Books which define a generation, books which fire the imagination. Books which cause readers to dream and rule their minds supreme.

I am waxing lyrical here, but my mind is afire right now. I just finished reading 'A Memory Of Light', the last book of the Wheel of Time series. The epic story which Robert Jordan started weaving more than two decades ago has finally been finished by the masterful Brandon Sanderson. And it's beautiful.

Hundreds of plot threads. Scores of cliffhangers. Question that had been unanswered for years. All tied up exquisitely in this nine hundred page plus tome. It would not be possible for me to write a review for this book nor should you need to read one. If you have invested the time to read the first thirteen books of the series, you will read this anyway. If you haven't.... you should. There is a reason Robert Jordan's masterpiece is acknowledged in the same breath as Tolkien's works whenever the pillars of the fantasy genre are mentioned.

I want to thank Robert Jordan for his vision and Brandon Sanderson for his skilled wordcraft. They helped a teenage boy escape to a world of magic, slip into the skin of heroes and sheepherders and ignore all the homework he needed to do.

Thank you.