Chuck: Does A Reason To Dislike This Show Exist ?

Among the numerous boring and uninspired programs on the telly, its hard to find a show which excites you, entertains you and manages to keep doing it. Thankfully, I struck gold while channel surfing and found Chuck. Since then, it has gone on to become among my all time favorite shows. On IMDb, its summarized as : 'When a twenty-something computer geek inadvertently downloads critical government secrets into his brain, CIA and NSA assign two agents to protect him and exploit such knowledge, turning his life upside down.' I will admit I thought it was gonna be really cheesy, but once I started watching, I was in love. Let me walk you through why :

Chuck Cast

The Fantastic Cast Of Giants : You know that feeling you get when you are watching something and think that a role could be played better by a different actor ? That doesn't happen once in Chuck. The casting is as close to perfect as I have ever seen. Zachary Levi (He's a point on his own) , the talente Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin (no wait, thats Jayne from Firefly), Joshua Gomez (or Teddy Bear in disguise), the awesome Ryan McPartlin as , uh.... Captain Awesome and Sarah Lancaster as the caring sister everyone wants. The chemistry is so good, the acting so natural that you can't help but adore the characters. Also, you get some really good guest actors like Scott Bakula, Linda Hamilton, Brandon Routh, Rachel Bilson etc. BTW They are called the cast of giants because most of them are over 6 feet tall.

Zachary Levi : He's fun. He's goofy. He's charming. He's vulnerable, endearing and kind. He's actually believable. Levi does such an awesome job as the titular character, using all of the billion expressions he seems to have. Before I dedicate the full post gushing about him, let me just say that he is really talented and balances the drama, comedy and action of the show extremely well. Apparently, he's a pretty nice guy in real life too if his tweets are anything to go by.

The Music : I am not kidding when I say this series has the best mix of quality music in any TV show I have ever watched. It perfectly fits each situation and is catchy enough that I often find myself humming 'Cobrastyle' by the Teddybears. The music supervisor, Alexandra Patsavas is a long-time Josh Schwartz collaborator. She has a knack for discovering little-known bands and featuring their music on the show which obviously boosts their popularity and gives us more songs to fill up our iPods with. Even though there's no official soundtrack, fans have put together an unofficial one. Also, you can see a list of all the music on the show on TVShow Music broken down episodically.

You will fall out of your chair : Unless you have weak bones which might crack when you fall from your chair or tend to choke on your saliva (I have seen it happen), you will find the show's witty dialogs and general hilarity infectious. There is humor for every kind of person, from sarcasm to slapstick, one thing you won't fall short when watching this show is laughs. It manages to infuse humor in the most serious situations and even in the action. Come on, after all the serious Bourne and Bond spying, you deserve to see how spying can be fun. Watch the video below for a sample.

The Storyline Just Gets Better

For part of the first season, the story is the usual 'taking out criminals and assassins' and is kept up by the humor and acting. Later on, it starts to kick ass. The story gets better, we get to explore the back stories of the characters, have some great villains, criminal organisations and get proper season long arcs. One of the things, the show has been praised for is how well it balances Chuck the Nerd Herder and Chuck the Spy,  every episode has a sub-plot at the Buy More which sometimes blends with the spy missions. The quirky but well-defined characters only help increase the awesomeness of the show. For instance, Vik Sahay's role as Lester has often been commended for breaking out of the Indian stereotype. The romances, bromances and the mission are all well-written, kudos to the writers. Plus, the underdog story of how an $11 an hour tech support guy turns into the government's most valuable asset never turns out to be a boring.
Action as good as the Movies

I was pleasantly surprised and happy with the quality of the fights and action sequences of Chuck. You get exotic locations, cool sets and proper combat. The fights and stunts are so nicely choreographed and well done that they even got a couple of Emmys for them. Casey with big guns, Sarah with her high kicks and Chuck...getting in trouble. Thanks to the variety of guest stars, there is always the pleasure of watching beautiful women sort things out the old-fashioned way. A lot of the stunts are done by the actors themselves, so its a lot more fun.

Apart from all the stuff I have said above, don't you have that little spy inside you who wants all the cool gadgets, travels and the action ?  You know you want the supercomputer which teaches you how to perform martial arts moves ? You know, satisfy your inner geek ? Its available online, on DVD, and on TV. No reason not to watch it. I have heard this show called 'Joyous' and its the best description. Tell me if I convinced to check out the show in the comments. :)

Photo Credit : NBC