Review: Bob Wacszowski, Necromancer by George Dalphin

Bob Waczowski, Necromancer

Bob Wacszowski is a 31 year-old janitor living in Muncie, Indiana. He has a pretty average life - a girlfriend, Anna, who wants him to make something of himself; a best friend-cum-roommate, Tony, who play video games on his Dreamcast - until one day he finds a book of deathly magic called The Tome and becomes a necromancer. What begins as a harmless test of his newfound powers by animating a hundred skeletons from the local cemetery, quickly escalates into him being tagged as the Anti-Christ and nuking threats by the world governments .

George Dalphin uses a very informal tone to instantly ease the reader into the skin of his characters. This isn't a story about a big-shot, larger than life, madman trying to take over the world. Instead it's the story of an average guy who just happened to be in the right place at the right time (depending on your POV). The prose is very straightforward for the most part, letting you get immersed in the conversations rather than befuddle you which gets brownie points from me. I say 'getting immersed in the conversations' and not plot because you won't feel deeply concerned about the future of the protagonists because of a demon's introduction in the prologue and a crystal ball divination.

While magic is integral to the whole chain of events that transpires throughout the book, it's not very well-explained. This is mostly because out hero stumbles into these powers and learns to use them (improperly) in a single day, so our knowledge is as jumbled as his. The book strongly reminded me of a stoner comedy, which is not necessarily a bad thing. A bunch of guys stuck in an unfortunate situation and causing general chaos. Due to her actions, Anna's character left a bad taste in my mouth but the other characters make up for her. Though a lot of the jokes are based on pop culture references and expletives, Dalphin's writing maintains the humorous atmosphere.

I would recommend it if you want a break from serious, intellectual stuff and are looking for a story with funny 'Let's wing it!' characters who are way in over their heads. Overall, a good book.