A Love Letter to Hugh Laurie and Gregory House

The Addiction

One fateful evening, while flipping through TV channels, I saw a doctor setting a patient on fire. I instantly knew I was done for, potentially addicted. Since then, for the last two years, I have had my weekly dose of lies, sarcasm, rule-breaking and crazy from the mad genius that is Gregory House.

After watching that scene, I immediately procured the six seasons of House that had aired and despite being in my junior year at high school (with all the advanced classes, club activities, busy schedules blah blah), I squeezed out an hour for House everyday. Weekends transformed into TV marathons, with me demolishing half a season with ease. I believe my couch developed a permanent depression from my lazy ass planted on it all day.

House Heaven

Hugh Laurie as House

What made this possible? Gregory House, MD. Hugh Laurie. The two are so inextricably intertwined in my brain that if I met him in person, I don't know if I would call him Mr. Laurie or House.
Going through the highs and lows of the quirky life of the Head of Diagnostics at Princeton Plainsborough Teaching Hospital for over eight years of TV land, has been amazing experience. The doctor with the hippest shoes, the cripple carrying the devil's fiery cane, the prankster who will drive you insane - Laurie has utilized David Shore's creation to showcase his considerable acting talent. Of course, he wasn't alone in making House a success, he had a great cast to support him - Lisa Edelstein, Robert Sean Leonard, Olivia Wilde (oh the amazing Olivia Wilde!), Omar Epps, the brilliant writers and so many more incredible people (I could go on but this post is exclusively for Greg House) - but Hugh Laurie's contribution is undeniable. He had serious competition for the role but obviously (and thankfully), his portrayal of House and his antics (while maintaining an American accent) was judged the best.

The back-and-forth and sparks with Cuddy, the bromance with Wilson, an utter disregard for rules and conventions coupled with constant manipulations of the people around him - all add to the undeniable charm of Hugh Laurie, I mean Gregory House ;-). The fans invested themselves in his relationships (romantic, familial, professional or otherwise), cheered when ketamine treatment healed his leg, laughed when his pranks succeeded and stood by him grouch all his physical, emotional and legal battles. Some say that they don't watch House because it's a procedural, but they are misguided souls. It's a character-driven story interspersed with medical mysteries. While the initial hook were the deductive diagnostics of House and his team, I stuck with the show for eight seasons because I grew to care for the characters.

Laurie Love

Alongside House, I started watching other stuff Laurie had acted in including A Bit Of Fry and Laurie, BlackAdder and the miniseries Fortysomething. Fortunately, Laurie failed to disappoint even once. He's not just an actor, but a comedian, director, musician and author as well. I have laughed at his lampooning, listened & liked 'Let Them Talk', his debut album and am currently reading his immensely witty novel 'The Gunseller' (review up soon!). He is ridiculously talented in varied fields and I idolize him for that. An artist in the truest sense of the word.

Laurie has stated that he will be acting only in movies from now on, so sadly he will be seen onscreen far less than he currently is. So here, I bid adieu to Gregory House, not Hugh Laurie. He was more than a TV character, he was an imaginary friend, the voice of internal jokes in my mind. It's impossible to sum up the joy Mr. Laurie has given to the world, but I have tried to express my gratitude in this humble little letter.
I thank him thrice for portraying the coolest Sherlockian doctor ever, being the awesome God of Sarcasm and everything else that he has done so far. Remember: