Mystery by Hugh Laurie

As I sat down to watch the episode of "Inside The Actors Studio" featuring Hugh Laurie, I was obviously excited (I am with everything related to Laurie). The episode in itself was awesome but this post is purely dedicated to my favorite bit in the whole segment. On the insistence of James Lipton, Laurie goes ahead and performs one of his songs "Mystery" on the show. The comic+mournful (cornful ? or mouric ?) song is just the sort of gem, I love about Laurie. This is something everyone must listen and see (Laurie's priceless expressions), so I knew I had to share it. Without further ado:

All my life has been a mystery
You and I were never ever meant to be
That's why I call my love for you a mystery

Different country
You and I have always lived in a different country
And I know that airline tickets don't grown on a tree
So what kept us apart is plain for me to see
That much at least is not really a mystery

I live in a houseboat on an estuary
Which is handy for my work with the Thames Water Authority
But I know that you would have found it insanitry

Taken a violent dislike to me
I'd be foolish to ignore the possibilities
That if we had ever actually met you might have hated me
Still, that's not the only problem that I can see

Dead since 1973
You've been dead now.. wait a minute let me see
Fourteen years come next January
As a human being you are history

So why do I still long for you?
Why is my love so strong for you?
Why did I write this song for you?
Well.. I guess it's just a mystery