Revivals, Relocations and UCLA

It's been a while since I wrote something on my personal blog. Wait, for that it would have to exist and it didn't have an independent identity till last week.

Welcome to my blog. I was using this domain for my book blog, Akshul, but it has moved and been rechristened as The Bookmage. I used to post a non-book post every few months at The Bookmage but I have moved all of them here now. This will be my personal blog about my life and filled with my musings.
So, personal blog revived and the book blog relocated. Any updates? Yes.

UCLA. University of California, Los Angeles. I will be moving to Los Angeles this September to enroll at UCLA as a Computer Science major. Even for a nomad like me (LA will be my 12th city), this will be a huge change in culture, cuisine and city, so I am super-excited for this. I will also be blogging about the awesome time I will undoubtedly have there but I can't promise regular updates because I have no idea how busy/free my schedule there will be. I will try to post as frequently I can.
Until next time.