The Search For The Perfect Design

If you have been visiting my blog or posterous for some time, then you might have noticed that I tend to change my blog's design more often than other people do. I seem to find a new design everytime that looks better, seems better or has better functionalitry than what I have right now. Sometimes, this is set off by seeing another site's design or a post about new design treds or a newly released theme that crosses my path. This starts an itch, a gnawing feeling that the design, the look of the blog could be even better. Its not necessarily a drastically different design, it might be a better use of colors, a slight tweak in the layout or a font thats more readable. Then after a week or so of deliberation and internal struggle (Am I changing the theme again? So soon ?), I usually end up switching to the new design. A month or so passes, and I start noticing slight niggles and bits of the new design that I don't like.

For example in my previous theme, I loved the jQuery effects on the homepage, the posts resizing themselves according to the browser window's size, even the date in the avatars of the people who commented. Later I found that when I wanted to enable the Disqus comment system, it would not display properly due to the auto-resizing posts. The search bar felt a little mis-aligned, a couple of plugins didn't work properly and the homepage while cool at first, started feeling a bit empty. In my current theme, a custom comment system starts causing problems in the slider. No doubt, all these minor niggles could be fixed by someone who knows PHP and/or about web design, but I don't have proper knowledge of either ( I plan to learn the language though). So, my options are either to find a better alternative or live with these flaws. I know its better to stick to your theme for as long as possible because switching to a new one leads to the headache of ensuring that all posts are displayed properly, none of the links are broke, the images, the thumbnails yada, yada. I admire all those people who can resist the temptation of not jumping onto the latest awesome design that they see, keeping their old comfortable design. Maybe, I am a classic case of 'The grass is greener on the other side (or the code is better on the other site ?). Still, I seem to be too restless to live with the flaws even though I know I will never find anything perfect. And my search continues...

BTW the itch seems to have started early with this theme. Expect a design change soon. :P