Three Countries - The Goal

Since I am doing the Post A Week challenge by wordpress, I have 7 blogging topics to choose from every week. So after, Some Go Softly and my buddy Isabelle's posts, here's my piece on the 3 countries I wanna visit.

  • United Kingdom: I am making the game a bit easier for me, but England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, all of them have so much to offer that it would be a huge shame to miss any of them. London, which has so many awesome sights is top on the UK list. The place, I and any other Sherlockian, would wanna go to ASAP is of course, the iconic 221B Baker Street. Then I would visit the various castles and Lochs of this kingdom, because I am extremely fascinated by European architecture. I used to (and still do sometimes) dream of living in a castle when I was a kid, and that led to my addiction to the fantasy genre, be it TV, films or books.

  • France: Who doesn't want to visit France ? Go and enjoy Paris ? Except the people who actually live there, its everyone's dream to go and experience the world's most romantic city. When I go there, the visit to Louvre is an obvious, so is the Notre Dame and Arc De Triomphe. Dan Brown's works did nothing but enhance the enchantment that this country holds. Oh, and did I forget the Eiffel Tower ? :P

  • Germany : I will admit that its not just the country and its wonders(even though they are amazing) which cause me to want to visit this country, but friends. They visited me here, saw my life and I wanna do the same. Of course, there's so much to see in their absolutely beautiful country. Visit the Neuschwanstein castle, traverse the Romantic Road, go camping in the Black Forest and the Cannstatter Volksfest . The chances are high, that I will be of legal age before I visit Germany, so there's Oktoberfest too :P

Obviously, these aren't the only places on my travelling list, but these are the top 3. Of course, I am just in high school now and who knows how long it will be before I visit all these fantastic places but I think I will set myself a comfortable deadline to go to all these countries within the decade. I have set my goal. Seems a Europe tour should be on the cards sometime in the future. Did I make you wanna visit any of these ? What are you favorite places ? When do you see yourself travelling to those locations ? Tell me in the comments below! :)